Kyungho Ryan Byoun 

Backend Software Engineer in Seoul, Korea


My name is Kyungho Ryan Byoun. I am a backend software engineer based in Seoul, South Korea. With a passion for continous learning and strong desire to apply my skills to real-life problem-solving, I constantly expand my knowledge and participate in interesting projects.

I am passionate about reading. I read books, articles, and annual reports of businesses every day. Reading is good for acquiring knowledge, of course, but it also organizes my thoughts and relaxes my mind. Dale Carnegie is a great author, and I am a really big fan of his. Andy Weir is also a genius writer. I am deeply impressed by the Philosophy of Warren Buffett.

I love to work with passionate people. Figuring out what each person can do well and making them feel happy about it, as well as learning from them is one of the things I am good at. I believe that making colleagues feel that they are playing an important role on thier own, and feel happy and fun while working on it is the most important principle of managing project.

Nothing is more important in problem-solving than understanding the requirements, which involves gathering information from various sources and listening to what people find challenging and what societal needs exist. Technology gains its value only when it effectively addresses real-life problems.


Software Engineer
JUL, 2023 - Present

VT Internship at Cloud Data & Service Enablement Team, SAP Labs Korea.

  • + Kubernetes
  • + Docker
  • + Cloud Engineering


The Voice

The Voice

01.2023 - 06.2023

AI-based application that uses conversational content to detect scam calls for seniors. Win TOP 100 in the 2023 Google Solution Challenge

  • + Flutter
  • + Node.js
  • + Google Cloud
  • + Project Management


07.2022 - 12.2022

Suggest solutions and business models to resolve the imbalance of supply and demand in the carbon credits market.

  • + Project Management
  • + Spring Boot